How to get the denim on denim look right!

Do you remember Justin Timberlake and his former lady love Britney Spears infamous denim on denim stint at VMA 2011? Yes, you wouldn’t want to end up the same way they did. The double denim trend is a one in a million combination, and can be see on many street style aficionados. As simple and effortless this combination might look, it really isn’t that easy to nail it. Take a cue from the tips below on how to nail this tricky combination.

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Say no to denim accessories!

The first mistake we see people committing is sporting those denim accessories. Say no to denim shoes, denim handbag, denim chokers and other denim accessories.

Do not pair denim of the same shade 

Do not wear denim outfits that are of the same shade or weight. We might think it’s great to be color coordinated all the time, but not when it comes to the double denim trend.

Opt for lighter denim shades to flatter your body

Gitika Goyal’s collection is simple yet powerful!

Gitika Goyal’s collection ‘Grass’ is nothing short of neat, chic and fresh. The idea behind her designs was to achieve clean cuts and modern designs using indigenous fabrics like kadhi. The collection is an impeccable synthesis of contemporary designs and old-fashioned silhouettes.

With three collections being the crux of this label, Gitika draws inspiration from nature’s vivacious colors and bucolic styles inspired from the various cities of India. The first collection – A fruit a day, is inspired by the pulsating color palate of grape, kiwi, watermelon, strawberry, kokum, cherry, custard apple and date. While the second collection, ‘a girl in seven cities’ denotes elements borrowed from the different cities in India. The third collection, ‘Oh Khadi khadi Khadi’ is a collection where Khadi is used to create minimalist tops and tunics in vibrant shades of yellow, green, blue and orange.

The collection starts from Rs.699.

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These booties are making our world go round and round!

Booties no doubt give anyone a fashion high with their classy, sporty and over the top style. Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Culpo have given us major bootie goals with the aura and finesse they pull it off with. It’s time you introduce these babie to your wardrobe as their only going to pep up your fashion game. From sporting them to high tension meetings  to sporting them with your summer dresses, booties go a long way.

Check out our styles and click on the image to make them yours.

Slogan shirts that read your mind!

Apart from being a hit on runways, the wordy tees have made a tremendous comeback not only with teenagers but also with half the street style aficionados across he world. The idea of a walking billboard has inspired many runway designers and you should be inspired to wear them too. Check out some of these fascinating slogan tees if you love voicing yourself through fashion.

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Turn an old denim pant into a new skirt in 15 minutes!

Things you’ll need?

  • An old pair of jeans
  • Sturdy thread (upolstery thread or embroidery thread works well)
  • A needle or sewing machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’re good to go!

  1. Cut off the legs at the desired length from your skirt
  2. Flip the jeans and inside out and rip off the inseam
  3. Rip off the front and back seam all the way up to the zipper.
  4. Flip the pants the right side out. Use fabric from the leftover pants to fill the void at the center of the skirt and fill it up.
  5. Hem the bottom of the skirt, and now your rustic denim skirt is ready to be worn.

Quick Tip – To make the skirt look fun and funky use colored thread to stitch the required bit.

10 best pant styles from

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Chalk Attack!

Pastels are great summer hues that are beautifully subtle and yet make a statement that are just about right! These candy colors not only look delectable but are good enough to experiment with your wardrobe.

Sport this fun and girly coral pastel skater with some subtle beige block heels to add depth and fluidity to the dress. Finish it off with a beige satchel bag to complete the look.

White three fourth sleeved midi dress is elegant and requires minimum styling due to its sophisticated and flowy style. Keep the look natural and not too overpowering by pairing it with a pearl pendant which is sure to stand out along with the V neck line. Also pair them with beige heels to accentuate the length and cuts of the dress.